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Dr. Chigurupati is Lakeland’s leading denture professional. Dr. Chigurupati and her team offer a variety of comfortable, beautiful denture options to improve your health and restore your smile.

Dentures Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need Dentures if I Have Missing Teeth?

Missing teeth, if not replaced, lead to various oral health problems and can impact your personal and professional life. There are many reasons you should replace your missing teeth with dentures, including:

  • Dentures restore your ability to eat foods you enjoy
  • Dentures give you a beautiful smile, so you aren’t self-conscious about missing teeth
  • Missing teeth lead to sagging facial muscles, giving your face a sunken appearance. Dentures support the cheeks and lips.
  • Bone loss due to missing teeth slows dramatically with dentures
  • Partial dentures prevent too much wear and tear on any remaining natural teeth by distributing your bite force more evenly.
  • Missing teeth can make pronunciation difficult or cause you to lisp. Dentures improve your ability to speak clearly.
  • Dentures are an affordable solution that leads to improved self-confidence.

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What is a Regular Denture vs. a Partial Denture?

All dentures are custom fitted to the patient’s needs and the number of teeth missing. If all teeth in the upper or low jaw are missing, a regular (or full) denture replaces all the teeth in a denture that covers the complete arch of the jawbone. A partial denture is recommended for patients who are missing only a few teeth if their remaining teeth are healthy.

Full dentures consist of a base (flesh-colored acrylic) containing replacement teeth. The base sits on the gum tissues and fits snugly because they are custom-made for a precision fit. An upper denture covers the roof of the mouth, while a lower denture is horseshoe shaped to allow room for the tongue.

A partial denture is a plate holding one or more replacement teeth. A flesh-colored plate holds the prosthetic teeth and anchors them into place between your remaining natural teeth. A partial denture may be made of acrylic, metal, or a blend of the two materials.

What are Permanent Dentures?

Permanent dentures are made the same way traditional dentures are but are permanently attached to titanium screws or implants in the jawbone. We usually place four to six implants in the arch of the jawbone, then attach the permanent dentures. With permanent dentures, you do not have to remove them for daily cleaning, but you do need to clean the gums beneath the dentures carefully. In some instances, Dr. Chigurupati may recommend a snap-on denture, which is attached to the implants but can be removed for daily cleaning.

Can Dentures Be Custom-Made?

All dentures are custom-made to fit the size and contours of the patient’s mouth and jawbone ridge. Same-day dentures may not conform precisely when you get them, as they are crafted based on dental impressions taken before your teeth are extracted. However, we refine the fit until it is perfect for every patient.

Can a General Dentist Fix or Replace Dentures?

While most general dentists can do minor repairs to damaged dentures, Dr. Chigurupati has refined her denture skills through additional education and training. She routinely designs, crafts, and repairs all types of dentures, using her exceptional talents to preserve her patients’ oral health and restore their smiles.

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